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Grammy Nominated artist



West Coast Hall Of Fame

R&B Artist Of The Year 2012

Pronounced Sym-Pho-Ny

Xymphoni was born in Detroit, MI but moved to California in search of a music career, which she felt was her true calling

singing and bringing joy to the hearts of all that would have the pleasure of listening to a voice that's full of soul, a sweet bluesy blessing and a deliverance to rival all the legendary female artists to come before her.

Xymphoni arrived in Oakland, CA and starting working with

the bayarea's best artists singing R&B, Blues, Neo-Soul and even Pop music, but it wasn't until she met Ron Joseph of " The Steppen Stones that things began to gel and Xymphoni started writing and performing her own material which led to her first record deal with " Prime USA Records " and the release of her 1st cd.

She later signed a deal with Tate Music Group (TMG) and has recorded her hit single " Driven " from the "Love Is " cd

that's released worldwide, thus proven Xymphoni to be a bonafide, certified, Entertainer.

Working with Ron Joseph, Ice Dogg, Rey T and other producers Xymphoni has developed a style that can only be

called " Simply Uniquely Classic " and Pleasingly wonderful.

No Doubt there is and only will be just one (1) Xymphoni.

Xymphoni (Down Home Blues)

Xymphoni Jamming having a good time playing some down home blues

Irresistible Promo

Promo for the Grammy Nominated Cd "Irresistible"

Xymphoni and Ron Joseph - Ike and Tina Turner.mp4

Ron Joseph and Xymphoni performs a tribute to Ike and Tina Turner along with Ronnie Stewart of " The Bay Area Blue Society

Xymphoni (Remix Featuring Ice Dogg)


00:00 / 03:53


Lessons Learned

00:00 / 02:46



00:00 / 03:45


Love Is

Price: $13.99


Time and Circumstance

Price: $9.99


Time and Circumstance

Price: $9.99

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