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G. Hunter

Gary (G) Hunter has been playing Piano since he was just a kid as he comes from a family of musicians starting wth his father and brothers that are guitar players first but also keyboards as well.

Gary started out playing in bands that he helped create but none doing as much as the group that Gary would spend most of his life working with and first started out as " New Direction " before becoming the world famous " Special Request " a group that would see Gary co-producing six (6)cd projects landing Movie ( feature films ) deals, Reality Shows, Commercials and a few videos.

Gary " G is what he's called by his closet friends " as a special project decided to record a solo project releasing it on his label " Prime USA Records " with distribution thru first " Iris " then Blue Pie Distribution entitled " Sensation " and what a sensation it was, as the cd proceded to climb the Jazz and A/C charts.

Gary then decided to record his 2nd project entitled " Angel of Jazz " which again

worked it way up the charts becoming a genuine success assuring Gary a place in the Jazz Hall of Fame and in life.

Still Gary wasn't finish as Special Request went on to sign a new deal with Sony Red and dropped " The Red Album " then moved to " Tate Music Group " (TMG) and now releasing another cd entitled " I'm The Only One " which has reached the #8 spot on the World Beat Chart and hitting the Top 20, Top 40 and the College Charts and there's no signs of it coming down.

Gary is a successful solo artist and with his group Special Request so it appears

that Gary has built a very successful career out of playing keyboards

writing, composing, producing and arranging music for his envious life as recording Artist.

In The Mix

G Hunter

G. Hunter

Heavenly Eyes

00:00 / 04:27

G. Hunter


00:00 / 05:01

G. Hunter


Price: $8.99

G. Hunter

Angel of Jazz

Price: $2.99

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