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Too Much Gemini Ft EL

Hot Track From Ghana Born Rapper


Between 2006 and now, rapper Gemini Orleans has served the plight of every upcoming and underground rapper; from rocking microphones at mini bars and talent shows to as far as opening major concerts and performing on the same stages as some of Africa’s greats. With the title “the Dopest Rapper” under his belt, the Ghanaian rap Phenom is ready to cross borders and invade continents with his unique and distinctive flowcabulary having total command over the English language as well his native local Ga and pidgin dialects. His lyrical dexterity and versatility are well expressed by the famous catch phrase form Mc Hammer’s Hammer Time! ; “Can’t Touch This”. You simply can’t touch him for how he fuses the African rhythms with rap and switches between the accents of either language he raps in and with over two hundred unreleased tracks to his credit, what more can we expect from this young man determined to make history as one of the best that ever did it in rap music across the world. His current project “Dopest Rapper 2: Return of a King” is available now for purchase here: together with which he has released a new video for the song “Gangast Die” which happens to be track 10 off the project. The energetic attitude and delivery coupled with the rich elements of a typical black and white visual portray the message being sent about the misconception carried by children as ‘wanna-be’ gangsters of being mortal and untouchable with little knowledge of the fate that awaits them and the menace they become to society. Watch it here: 

Gemini Orleans




May 29, 1989 (age 26)


Accra, Ghana




Dopest Rapper


Boy Gemini


Victor Kojo Mawuli Orleans-Fiaka

Say What I see

Gemini Orleans

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Where the money

Hot Video From Ghana Born Rapper

Bad Boy Snippett

Gemini Orleans

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