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Rob Bess

Rob Bess is what we call in the Industry " a triple threat " as he's

a Writer, Singer, Dancer, " but he's also a Producer, Composer and an actor in his own right.

Rob Bess has been making music ad performing since he could hold a mic

and even then as child there was sparks of the greatness that was inside this multi-talented individual waiting to emerge on the scene.

Often compared to other singers that Rob Bess may resemble (Genuwine) he's his own showman and one that the ladies love as he' over 6 ft tall and as smoothe as silk.

Rob Bess tells the Ladies " You ain't got to go nowhere baby, Stay Stay" or "You Better Move " that's if you're planning on being with Mr. Rob Bess. The Response is all the ladies go crazy for this triple threat and make their move and in the end they wind up staying.

Rob Bess is preparing for touring in the near future, writing new material as he's always in the lab whipping out the chart topping hits not just for himself, but for anyone looking for that next big sound, that chart topping get the ladies asking for just a little of your time hit.

Rob Bess is the best at what he does and there's only a few that can even compete with the Silky Soul Singer.

Rob Bess

You Better Move

00:00 / 03:43

Rob Bess

Rob Bess

Price: $12.00

For more information on Mr. Rob Bess or for booking purposes,

Contact Tophat Booking and Management Agency 

Ask for : Rose Edward or Ayyub Nasir

at: 1-707-646-1645 or1-510-406-7213

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