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Ron Joseph And The Steppen Stones

Ron Joseph, who hails from New Orleans, LA began playing Trumpet at 15 and later moved to Bass, as his love for music grew Ron started playing at clubs on Bourbon Street sometimes playing as many as six (6) sets a night and to packed houses as his popularity also grew in New Orleans. Ron Joseph later moved to California where he would put together one of the greatest Blues acts that ever hit the scene and that's " The Steppen Stones " playing not just Blues but any kind of music your heart desired.

Ron Joseph began to take the stage with artists like " Patti Labelle, Bobby Rush, Buddy Ace, Ernie Johnson, Betty Wright, Little Johnny Taylor, Joe Simon, Ernie Kadoe, Sue Mack, Ronnie Stewart and the list goes on and on as there's to many to list them all.

Ron Joseph began working with the artist Xymphoni, which landed them a

recording contract with Prime USA Records, where they proceded to record Two (2) cd projects " Driven and Time & Circumstance " , but Ron had something more to say so he embarked on a new project, which was putting together a compilation of his friends and songs of his own thus giving us Ron joseph presents " Nothing But The Blues ".

Ron Joseph is a man that many call " a wealth of knowledge " when it comes to knowing his craft and knowing his music, he can tell you " Keys, Changes etc " without picking up an instrument having to figure out the progressions.

Where Ron Joseph is headed, only he knows, but you better believe that this

blues singer, Writer, Bass Playing Mother Thumpin, I'll play the blues for you legend will be there laying down the sound as only he can do.

Ron Joseph And The Steppen Stones

Ron Joseph Presents Nothin but the blues

Price: $12.00

Ron Joseph and The Steppen Stones

3 O'clock in the morning

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