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Special Request Featuring Rey T

Grammy Nominated

Singer/Songwriter/Producer 2015

West Coast Hall Of Fame

R&B Artist Of The Year 2013/14


Special Request featuring Rey T Live

Special Request Featuring Rey T live in Berkeley, CA

Rey T & Special Request performs at The Courtyard Marriott in Fairfield

Special Request featuring Rey T surprises the audience with a Blues Medley that proves they are amongst the elite in the business today, the performance was MASTERFUL!

Special Request Featuring Rey T

If you don’t already know them, then let me introduce you to Prime USA Records/MRE Entertainment/KLM Entertainment/Pacific Coast Jazz/MVD Seven Times (7) Grammy Nominated Recording Artist, “SPECIAL REQUEST“. This is one of the finest R&B/Blues/Pop Bands I know of. Each one of them individually are sensational performers and they have managed to blend their sound into a truly special form of music that is all their own.

“SPECIAL REQUEST” has reached out to the world with their music in Tours, Special Events,

Festivals, Television, Movie Soundtracks and many other venues both in America and

Abroad. They have sold Thousands of CDS from the trunks of their car, at their venues and on the Internet. They're Seven Times (7) Grammy Nominated Recording artist.

“SPECIAL REQUEST” live performance is something you would not want to miss if and when

the opportunity becomes available for you. They hit the stage with the level of energy that

tantalizes and rocks any crowd, bringing them out of their chairs and onto their feet!

Special Request just has the style and showmanship that causes the audience to participate

to the extent that the performance leaves them feeling almost as if they were part of the show.

“SPECIAL REQUEST” Line up includes: 

Rey T - Lead Vocalist

Mark Hunter (aka Hunter) - 

Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Gary Hunter (aka G. Hunter) - Keyboard

It's on me

It's on me

00:00 / 04:02

Special Request Featuring Rey T

Favorite Girl

00:00 / 03:41

Anyone Like You

Anyone like you

00:00 / 03:41

Mystery Woman

Mystery Woman is a mystery

00:00 / 03:59

Only For Your Love

Rey T

00:00 / 05:35

You bring out the best in me

Special Request Featuring Rey T

00:00 / 04:34


Roque Batty (aka Ro) - Bass Guitar

Jordan Davis (aka JBird) - Drums

Elizabeth Hunter (aka LaRay) Background Vocals

NOTE: Additional Band Members subject to change

“SPECIAL REQUEST”, (Rey T.), is the lead vocalist and have been around for some time. They have over 15 million plays/views on Myspace ( They are on iTunes, Rhapsody, E-Music and everywhere music is sold. Their music can be heard on AMI digital Jukeboxes around the world, They have many videos, which can be seen on their website(s) and They have performed all over the Nation and Abroad.


“SPECIAL REQUEST” has 16 CD’s available. The 20th CD entitled “Everybody's Chasing Money” will be released in the Winter 2017. They are sure to make another deep impact on the music world as they touring internationally. You can purchase these CD’s on: or iTunes right now. You'll certainly be glad you did!

New Release 2018

Previous Releases For 2017

Shree Thomas



Management: Tophat Booking And Management Agency


Special Request Featuring Rey T. (EPK):

Phone #: 707-646-1645 or 77-580-5433

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