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Legendary O'Town Passions


The Legendary O'Town Passions are everything that the the word legendary stands fo​r a here is a group that has with stood the test of time going back to one of their first releases " Baby Dumpling " or " Do the Best That Yo Can Do " reach the Top 10 in the United Kingdom and having moderate success in the United States.

Being led by the Legendary James McClendon a.k.a. Jimmy Mack who not only is the glue that keeps this unit together, Jimmy also is the Co-founder of O'Town Community Services that sponsors events all year round in Oakland, CA such: The Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinners for the Homeless, Turkey Give aways and his " Stop The Violence " Campaign.

LOTP members all support the events and lend their time performing at all events that O'Town Community Services has embraced, with Donald Raymond, Darrell Anderson, Elvin Rowe, Rick Murdock and Daniel Neely always at the side of their leader Jimmy Mack.

The Legendary O'Town Passions are now with Prime USA Records and being produced by Mr. Ed Anderson with their new release entitled " Not The Father " written by Mr. Anderson and their video has a parity of the " Maury Show "

as a lady searches for the father of her child only to find the members of LOTP of course is " Not The Father ".

LOTP also appears with John Lee Hooker Jr. on the track " Fed Up " which by the way was nominated for a Grammy, they also appear on the track " Do Do Bop " with SpeCial ReQuest and " Waisting My Time" with the hip-hop artist "Juany Juan on the " Your Love " cd, but LOTP has released new tracks entitled " Love is a many splendored Things and Just a kiss" writtien by Jimmy Mack.

Some of the faces changed but the sound and the message remains the same and that's respect and love your fellow man, that's the word that all the Passions and their families want to spread love your brother man, stop the violence and most of all " Do The Best That You Can Do " .

This is how you stay atop of your game and survive in a business tha takes no prisoners by being the best and working and working at your craft, then you too may end up in the " Bay Area Blues Society Hall Of Fame " .

The Music Industry, Bay Area and the world is truly blessed to witness such greatness, soulfulness and togetherness from a timeless wonder that god has blessed us with " The Legendary O'Town Passions ". 

Legendary O'Town Passions

Not The Father

00:00 / 04:16

Fed Up

John Lee Hooker Jr. ft Legendary O'Town Passions

00:00 / 04:39

Do Do Bop

Special Request featuring Legendary O'Town Passions

00:00 / 04:39

Legendary O'Town Passions

Not The Father

Price: $1.99

For more information on LOTP or for Booking purposes call:

Tophat Booking and Management Agency

Ask for Rose Edward or Ayyub Nasir

1-707-646-1645 or 1-510-406-7213

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